Lenexa homeowner shaken up after burglar breaks in while he was home

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LENEXA, Kan. -- One homeowner might have trouble sleeping after an intruder broke in while he was home.

Coy Kissee said knowing a stranger was inside his house while he was too has definitely left him unsettled.

It's the day after Halloween and Kissee said he fell victim to a crime while upstairs at his home near 79th and Monrovia in Lenexa.

"The front door was still locked. The garage door was down," he explained. Kissee said just minutes after his wife left home, he heard strange noises downstairs.

"7:29 in the morning I first heard a couple of bangs," Kissee said. "I mean, first thing in the morning, many people haven't even started going to work yet."

He stepped closer to his kitchen only to see broken pieces from his back door laying on a love seat in his living room. He immediately dashed back upstairs.

"Don't want to be a hero," Kissee laughed. "I went, called 911." He told police someone broke into his house, stole a digital camera, and darted out the same back door in less than 10 minutes.

"I don't want to interrupt somebody that could cause me harm. Nothing we have is worth me losing my life," he said.

The lurking thief wasn't on the run for long. Investigators said two hours later, several eagle-eyed neighbors spotted the man racing across their backyards and pointed him out to police.

Officers quickly arrested the bald, would-be burglar hiding behind a nearby house in the 7700 block of Caenen Street.

Police believe that suspect is a homeless man. Currently he is in a jail awaiting charges.

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