Surge of early voters keep election volunteers busy in Johnson County

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JOHNSON COUNTY, Kan. -- Some consider it their privilege, others consider voting their right, or their duty. Dee Wells is just glad to see people participating in the democratic process.

“To me it`s very important for people to vote, to take it seriously,” said Wells.

She`s been volunteering her time to work elections since 2002. FOX 4 caught up with the very busy supervising judge for advanced voting, as folks in Johnson County funneled in to cast their ballots early Tuesday evening.

For Wells, taking part in elections is part civic responsibility.

"We get to choose our officials, the people that we want to make the decisions for our state, and for our country," said Wells, for whom it’s also part passion.

That’s especially when it comes to those voting for the first time.

"We`ve had a lot of first-time voters come through for advanced voting now, and it`s really exciting to see their joy and their excitement about voting for the first time," said Wells.

In Johnson County, advance voting has surged this year. The county`s election commission says so far, numbers have already broken early voting records three times. However, there are some who say they won't vote because they don't like either presidential candidate. That saddens Wells, who calls the decision a "big mistake."

"If you have the privilege you have the opportunity to choose your officials and to say I don`t want to be a part of that, I think you`re missing out on a great opportunity," said Wells.

Aside from early voting, Wells will be working a poll location on November 8th, and encourages all who can, to show up and vote.

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