“I WON my battle against you!”: Local woman’s open letter to cancer will bring tears to your eyes

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Charmaine Hoover recently celebrated a unique anniversary.

On the tenth anniversary of being cancer free, Hoover says she was inspired to repost an open letter she once wrote to cancer.

In the video above Hoover explains the reaction she's gotten from family, friends and even strangers. She even opens up about what she wants people who are still battling cancer to remember this holiday season.

Dear Cancer,

It’s my ANNIVERSARY--the anniversary of the last day that chemo flowed through my blood and radiation was administered into my body because of you and I have a few things that I would like to say to you. Let me start by saying, I WON my battle against you!!! I will give you credit---you were a brutal monster, but my team of doctors, my family, my friends, my faith and I were ALL stronger than you.

My oncologist has a sign that hangs in his office that states "You don't get it until YOU get it" and I can honestly say--No truer words have ever been written. Cancer, I had seen many family and friends battle you, but not until you entered my life did I realize personally what a horrible demon you truly are.

You left my body permanently scarred from the chemo, radiation and multiple surgeries, but each day when I look in the mirror I realize how truly BLESSED I am for the life that I now have.

You showed me that I could be an advocate for something and that I could make a difference in my life and the lives of others. I will continue to fight and bring awareness to YOU. I will fight until we find a cure so that no one has to hear your name and until no one loses their lives to you.

Cancer, you showed me that there are millions of HEROES who have stood up to you and WON. Many of them, I have personally come to know because of what you made us have in common--for that I am grateful. I would like to tell you that while you tried to destroy my life—it only got better. You see, you showed me strength that I didn’t know I had. You showed me that my family and friends would stand beside me---even when the chemo made me less than pleasant.

In some sick way, Cancer, I am thankful that I had the opportunity to have you in my life because you have shown me that you GAVE more than you TOOK. You GAVE me the opportunity to see things that I took for granted before I met you but you couldn't TAKE was my spirit and you didn't TAKE my life.

Doria Charmaine

Hoover followed up her letter by saying, "For my fellow SURVIVORS--we WON!!! For those fighting, keep FIGHTING you are stronger than you think. For those who lost their battle, WE will never forget and WE will never stop fighting for a CURE!!!!"