Drive-by shooting shatters Kansas City family’s sense of security, leading them to sleep on floor

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A metro woman and her daughter are so scared, they don't even sleep in their beds anymore. It`s been 48 hours since a gunman fired lots of bullets at Sonia Santiago`s home.

The drive-by shooting sent the two women running and ducking from bullets, police say the drive-by happened early Wednesday morning near 45th and Agnes. Santiago pointed out countless bullet holes that ripped through room after room.

“The front porch, the living room, and the bullets went through the house,” Santiago described.

A bullet also struck her front window, ironically lodging in a sticker that reads: “Stop the violence.” Santiago told police some drove by and sprayed the home with bullets, and is convinced another house was the intended target.

“I instantly jumped up. The next thing I know, you know I`m ducking down and running trying to make sure my daughter was okay. The very first thing she said was, ‘mommy, I could`ve come down the stairs and you could`ve been dead in the bed,” Santiago said.

Thankfully she and her 19-year-old daughter weren’t hurt, but the peaceful place they’ve called home for three years is now no longer the same.

“They stole my peace. They stole my security,” Santiago said.

The shooting left Santiago and her daughter so scared that both are now sleeping on the floor and that`s not all.

“I`m scared to look out the window. I`m scared to walk to my door,” Santiago said.

She found one of the bullets on Thursday, and said she’s going to hold on to it.

“I decided I`m gonna keep it because this could`ve been the bullet that ended my life,” she explained.

Before the drive-by shooting, she planned to move to Phoenix. She says she`s definitely moving come January.

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