Joe’s Weather Blog: Thinking of what to write about (FRI-11/4)

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Good morning…got to admit it’s sort of a struggle right now to come up with something to chat about with this great fall weather continuing. We are though going through some strange weather for early November…mainly in terms of a lack of freezing temperatures so far this fall. Our lowest temperature has been 35° back on the October 13th (officially at KCI). There was some patchy frost around parts of the area but many, especially in the heart of KC have yet to see a frost this season.


Today: Mostly sunny and mild with highs around 70°. Average is near 60°.

Tonight: Fair skies and pleasant for early November with lows in the 40s

Saturday: Lots of high clouds filtering the sunshine. Highs 65-70°

Sunday: More or less the same with highs in the 60s


The calm weather beat goes on for the area for the weekend which works out nicely for those who have some outdoor weekend plans…those maple trees are dropping their leaves fast right now. They’ve had a colorful fall and have probably had the “best” color so far of many of the species in the region. A lot of “rusts” showing up now as well.



From a temperature standpoint things really aren’t going to change that much over the next week or so. There will be some ups and downs but overall nothing too extreme.

Here is a look at the EURO ensemble forecasts for KCI over the next 15 days…one should note that temperatures may return closer to average towards mid month.


Who knows…maybe our 1st freeze will happen towards then as well. The record for the latest one is 11/24…back in 1931 I think. If by the 18th we haven’t had one…that record may well be in jeopardy. We’re a long(!) way from that though at this point.

For at least the next 10 days though…it may be tough to get to 32°. Take a look at the 5 day averages off the GFS model showing the temperature patterns…notice all that warm air (for them and for the time of the year) in Canada.



Remember my last blog talking about the warm weather up in AK…and especially the Barrow, AK area…look at the temperatures off the coast of far northern AK…my goodness.

Overall nothing too cold for awhile.

Our next chance of rain appears to be sometime later Monday…how far to the state line that rain gets though is a bit iffy right now. Worth a mention though at this point.

Have a great weekend…

Our feature photo is from Mary Jo Seever from Banner Creek

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