Police on alert after suspicious man spotted in car near Waldo gym for hours, watching people work

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Police said they have extra patrols in the area of Wornall and 74th Terrace after they said a man was spotted watching people workout inside of City Gym. Police told FOX 4 the suspicious man sat in his car for five hours Thursday morning and stared at people through the gym's large windows. Police also said the man might have been taking pictures of women.

Police sources told FOX 4 it's not an isolated incident and that they've been called to the parking lot across the street from the gym about this man before. They said he was first told to leave the parking lot on October 20th and that he returned on November 3rd.

Sources said the man claims he is sitting in his car to use WiFi. Police department sources said gym staff reported audio from pornography had been streamed into the gym during classes, and that each time it happened the suspicious man was parked nearby.

It hasn't been confirmed if the man had anything to do with the reported audio, but sources said the gym was recommended to restrict its WiFi and bluetooth systems.

The gym's owner did not talk about many details, but did confirm there was some kind of "bluetooth" incident. Although police sources said the incident was reported in October, the gym's owner said a bluetooth incident happened many months ago.

Hailee Bland Walsh, the gym's owner issued a statement to FOX 4.

"The residents and businesses of Waldo are incredibly vigilant and pro-active about our neighborhood and that is why this isolated incident was spotted and reported immediately to police. In addition to our individual vigilance, the merchants in the Waldo neighborhood pay for a very effective safety force called, the Road Runners. This team provides an additional layer of safety. We do not believe this is cause for concern, but as always, we will remain aware of our surroundings and report suspicious behavior immediately."

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