“Lost” dog helps unite voters

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — In an election year that seems to have divided us, it leaves us wondering if there anything that could unite us all.

Pedigree seems to have found the answer, dogs. One woman attended a Trump rally wearing a Clinton shirt and then a Clinton rally wearing a Trump shirt with a “lost” dog by her side.

At first, people were a little taken back by the fact that she was wearing a shirt for the opposing candidate. But in an effort to help this woman find the “lost” dog’s owner, people were able to look past their differences.

What we learned was that when it comes to dogs there are no political parties.

Folks took to Twitter to share their opinion on the story and ultimately came to the conclusion that America loves dogs.

Ryan Duffy said “I just saw this ad on TV and it helped to restore my faith in humanity after this grueling election season”

Allie Ehrhart said “I would like to cast my official vote for this dog #dogforpresident”

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