Members of faith community say issues, party platform drew them to Trump

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OLATHE, Kan. -- It appears president-elect Donald Trump got a big boost from the white evangelical voters on Election Night. Numbers show as much as 81 percent of self-described evangelicals voted for him.

Speaking as an individual, and not on behalf of the church, the lead pastor of Olathe Bible Church said the decision to support Trump was an important one, but it wasn’t easy. Trump is not without his controversy, which has some surprised that he was back so heavily by the faith community.

“He wasn’t an attractive candidate for evangelicals,” said Pastor Mike Bickley of Olathe Bible Church.

Pastor Bickley says his decision to vote for Trump had to do with issues that are important to evangelicals, and what the party platform promised.

“Pro life, and understanding of the constitution, their concern for people. Most people I know voted on issues not the candidates,” said Pastor Bickley who says sanctity of life and marriage are among the important issues to evangelical voters.

However, some have questioned Trump’s sincerity and ability to keep his promises of championing issues that are important to the faith community. Pastor Bickley says he’s putting his faith in Trump based on the support of one of his heroes of faith, Dr. Ben Carson, who he says rallied around Trump’s sincerity, and Trump's selection of running mate Governor Mike Pence,

“Who seems to have a sincere faith and also seems to be fairly balanced,” said Pastor Bickley

He also says he hopes the nation isn’t looking to Trump to be their savior.

“I’m hoping the church says okay, we don’t need the government to do everything for people, How about if the church loves people and we let the government-run the nation,” he said.

Pastor Bickley says he hope this election shows the evangelical church it’s need to engage the community more.