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Protesters march on Main Street from Plaza to Downtown Kansas City in opposition of president-elect Trump

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Donald Trump is the president elect, but around the country Wednesday night that's apparently not enough for anti-Trump protesters.

Demonstrations over the president-elect made it to the metro, a large crowd gathered at the J.C. Nichols Fountain before beginning their march north on Main Street.

FOX 4 spoke to one protester who said the worst person in the universe has been elected, but still he's hopeful something good will come out of it. One protester heard about the march in Kansas City on Facebook and drove in from Warrensburg.

People are people. I'm happy to be here. This is positivity. We need more of this. This is the correct response to the election. I know people are angry but we need to unite. Now more than ever," said Ansonia Serran.

"I think this is the perfect essence of beauty and love and community. Even though there are so many people unhappy with the election, we can stand here peacefully and unite and talk about how we want to make a change."

As of Wednesday night there were no reported counter-protests, nor were there arrests reported. Those downtown described their displeasure with the political system.

"The people are tired of politics of hate. Tired of being told we don't have a political agenda worth paying attention to. Well look at us, we want something different, we aren't getting it from this political system," Jared Gilbert told FOX 4. "We would like the rest of the world to know we are good people and we love our neighbors. We don't want to throw them out of this country, we want to help people."