KCK middle schooler says classmate taunted him with deportation threat, threw lunch tray at him

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Days after the election, students all over the country are reporting racial bullying. One report comes from right here in the metro where an eighth grader claims a student threw food on him telling him he would be deported soon.

When Christina Rodriguez sent her 13-year-old to school the day after the election, she hoped nothing would change.

"It started when they walked into their fifth hour," Rodriguez said.

Christina says a Caucasian friend of her son approached him in class and told him he would be deported soon and that immigration is coming for him.

"I don't even think they know hate. It's what they're learning at home. In a matter of days, look at the outcome. They were friends just a few days ago," the mom said.

Christina's son reported it to a teacher, then later at lunch the two boys got into an argument, food was thrown and a full lunch tray was thrown on her son. Turner Middle School says both boys were then pulled out of the lunch room.

"What's next? It's just getting uglier and uglier."

On the same day, a video was posted to Facebook from a middle school in Michigan. In the video, which now as millions of views, you can hear students chanting "build that wall."

That video has now began circulating through Turner. Christina and her son's father spoke to the principal about the incident and were told it would be investigated. She's terrified that this problem is now much bigger than what happened to her son, but instead a new normal.

"We're setting ourselves back so much and not teaching our children right," she said.

FOX 4 spoke with Turner district leaders, they said they were unaware of any racial remarks made at the school Wednesday.

FOX 4 reached out to the family of the other student involved, we have not heard back.

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