Joe’s Weather Blog: From <32° back to the 70s (SAT-11/12)

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Good afternoon. KC officially dropped to 31° this morning. So the record for the latest 1st freeze (11/24) will go on for at least another year. We were through 6AM was 35° but the sun’s warmth doesn’t really kick in now till about 7:45 AM or so…so it happened in that window. Another frosty morning is on tap for Sunday as well.


Tonight: Clear and frosty with lows in the 30s

Sunday: Sunny and pleasant although a bit breezy. That breeze will tend to make it “feel” a bit cooler. Highs near 60-65°

Monday: Sunny and pleasant with highs 65-70°


I’m not sure if all the oak mites met their demise this morning but some of them did for many areas. Closer into downtown KC though maybe not. Lows today dropped to 25-30° in NE KS and NW MO and fell to near 32° elsewhere, Here are just a few of the overnight lows…


AM lows today

So the “official” growing season for KC has come to an end

This will go down as tied for 13th for the latest =<32° temperature in KC.


Now it’s time to move on…

After another cold night tonight…we’ll start a warming trend tomorrow afternoon. Eventually highs may again soar into the 70s. A stronger cold front will move in sometime on Friday it appears. This front will pack a typical mid November punch and really cool us down heading towards next weekend. The rain chances still aren’t so great as it appears we’ll be dry-slotted as the storm passes towards the NW of KC. Ahead of the storm some big warmth and big wind are expected. Near record warmth is possible on Thursday. Winds will also become a weather story with gusts to 50 MPH possible Thursday.

For those that have a tendency to suffer various aches and pains when the pressure changes in short periods…I’m issuing my exclusive Aches And Pains Alert for Thursday through Saturday. Pressures will be dropping Thursday then rising fast later Friday into Saturday.

For those wondering IF the next cold front later next week means the good fall weather is over with…NO. There will be milder days coming back into the area for Thanksgiving week.

This late week storm should at least lay down some snow in the upper Midwest. It may not last till Thanksgiving up there but at least it’s something…because right now, there is no snow of any consequence anywhere in the lower 48 or for that matter most of southern Canada.


This is just 1 part of the reason why we’re having a tougher time holding onto any cold weather dropping into the US. Of course the main reason is the continued fast flow of wind coming through the Pacific Ocean region…this floods Canada with warmth and keeps the really cold weather on the other side of the world essentially.

Notice where the “purple-y” colors are in this next tweet…all towards Siberia and Russia and not sloshing over the North Pole…


By that way the maps in the above tweet go through the end of next work week.

So yes…there will be a strong Plains storm later in the week…but aside from wind and warmer temperatures followed by a sharp pullback into next weekend…there is no significant moisture (in the form of rain) expected at this point for the region for quite some time (7-10 days+).

Our feature photo comes from Kelli Lewis Cobern from mm 69 (Lazy Acres) down at the Lake of the Ozarks…wow!



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