Kansas City mom left comforting her kids after shooters open fire on officers feet from her porch

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Two men are behind bars Tuesday night after police say they started shooting at plain clothes officers on Kansas City`s east side.

Officers fired back - igniting a high-speed chase from 24th and Park to 19th and Charlotte. The chase stretched for more than a mile - with witnesses telling FOX 4’s Katie Banks they heard shots ring out, and one mother says her young children ran for cover.

“It`s kind of scary but it`s going to be all right,” Polly Bailey said. “It’s scary that I have nine kids and it’s this close to home. What if the bullets could’ve come through the window or the door, you know?”

Bailey tried her best to comfort her little ones after her family heard a series of gunshots just feet from their front porch.

“My kids are running to the house, they`re ducking and hiding and saying somebody is shooting. It`s kind of scary out here, so, especially when it`s close to home,” Bailey described.

Bailey`s 9-year-old son was even closer as he shopped with his dad inside a grocery store on the corner of the crime scene.

“First I heard boom boom boom! I was scared! My heart was beating fast!” Jamaryon said.

KCPD didn’t know a motive for the shooting on Tuesday night.

“I don`t know what provoked this. The suspect vehicle had nothing to do with why the officers were in the area. The officers were taken by surprise,” said police spokeswoman Stacey Graves.

Fearing for their life, those officers fired back and chased the suspects down, stopping their white truck and arresting both men about a mile away near 19th and Charlotte.

“I`m also thankful that we have two suspects in custody that were brazen enough to shoot at a car, regardless if they knew that they were police officers or not,” Captain Graves said.

With the men behind bars - Bailey hopes her children will sleep soundly, and the violence in her east side neighborhood subsides.

“I think if we can get along, the world would be a better place. Stop killing each other. It makes no sense for you to shoot your law men down there if he’s trying to serve,” she said.

Police say to their knowledge, no other cars, houses or innocent bystanders were struck in the exchange. They`re hoping to determine a motive when they interview the suspects Tuesday night.