Leaders from burned out historic church will meet to discuss future of their building, where to host services

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. --  Leaders at a historic Kansas City church will meet Tuesday to discuss the future of the building that was destroyed in a fire Sunday.

Firefighters were called to the Evangelistic Center Church near Truman and Troost around 5:30 a.m., Sunday when a driver passing by noticed the smoke coming from the building. The smoke was so thick it caused one lane of Interstate 70 to be closed down between downtown and The Paseo.

On Monday, ATF investigators ruled that the first was accidental. Fire investigators determined that the fire at Evangelistic Center Church started in the northwest corner of the building around the kitchen and furnace room.

Investigators were able to tear down some walls and gather enough evidence to determine that the fire was not intentionally set and found no evidence of a crime, but were unable to come up with an exact cause on Monday.

Portions of the building were still  smoldering Tuesday morning.

Leaders with the Evangelistic Center Church plan to meet with fire investigators to share what they learned with the insurance company, as well as discuss a temporary location for services.

The church's leaders will also discuss how to replace food and other items they had collected for the needy. They had Thanksgiving baskets  ready to be handed out, but that's now all gone.

At this point its unknown if the church will rebuild at Truman Road and Troost Avenue or somewhere else.