Joe’s Weather Blog: A bit of moisture…better than nothing (SUN-11/20)

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Good afternoon. Not surprised that we’re fighting through high clouds today. There is filtered sunshine out there along the I-70 corridor…and many areas are bright and sunny this afternoon. It was chilly this morning as lows bottomed out into the teens in N MO and in the 23-28° range around the KC metro area. Yup it’s November and it’s starting to feel like it for sure.


Tonight: Fair skies and chilly with lows near 30°

Tomorrow: Mostly sunny and milder with highs around 55°

Tuesday: Off/on showers likely. Maybe not all day but just an iffy day overall. Temperatures should struggle with the clouds and rain falling into an initially dry air mass. Highs may only be in the 50-55° range.


Overall a rather typical November afternoon in the area. Highs average out to near 50° during this time of the year and we should end up around there before the day is done.

Tomorrow should be a few degrees warmer overall as slightly milder air moves through the region ahead of a rather weak surface storm that will be developing in western KS/SE Colorado tomorrow. This weak feature should fly through the area Tuesday night and early Wednesday. The rain with this may not be that great. I do think some areas could see over 1/2″ or so…but my feeling at this point is that most areas should be under 1/2″.  Not the greatest but we’ll take what we can get.

Here is the NAM model showing the precipitation + the surface features. For those wondering about any snow with this…it won’t happen locally. The rain/snow line (the more solid red contour will remain well north of the KC area for this system.


Cooler air will spread back into the region on Wednesday as temperatures struggle in the 40s. We may again have some sort of early morning high then drop during the morning before leveling off in the 45-50° range. Thanksgiving looks fine overall with highs 50-55°. Pretty typical for late November. One note though about Thanksgiving night. There will be another fast moving but moisture starved wave skipping through the Plains states. This should generate clouds later on Thursday and it’s not out of the question there could be a few showers towards northern MO. Odds favor these chances to be from St Joseph northwards. It also should be noted that there may be some flakes or ice pellets mixed in towards the IA border if this precip develops up there. The atmosphere would border-line support something in N MO of the frozen kind. Let’s see if there is enough moisture to get something going. Again this would favor towards the IA border.

After that not much else happening into next weekend.

Yesterday evening NASA launched a new weather satellite that has all of us in the weather world giddy. The launch has been delayed for various reasons over the last 18 months or so…most recently because of Hurricane Matthew (ironic right?).

Our weather satellites have become more and more useful over the decades. When the 1st one was launched in 1959…it provided poor information because of damage. Another one, a successful one was launched in 1960 and lived for 78 days. Satellites used to provide nothing but simple pictures of the clouds. Now they do that (on a more frequent basis) and so much more…including profiling the atmosphere for other types of water vapor…measuring various chemical compositions of pollutants and about a million other things.

Weather folks are excited about this launch because of the better cloud picture resolution…and more frequent imagery that will be available. As a matter of fact our weather computer display systems will be getting special weather software updates in the coming months to support all the new information and the frequency of that information that will be available.

It was a stunning launch.


Data from the satellite still won’t be available for a few months…it needs to go through various checks and operations before the data flows freely…but we’ll be accessing this information. At it’s most basic I’m most excited about having the ability of getting satellite pictures every one minute. I’ve shown you in the past via twitter the amazing things you can see from this data.

Our feature photo today comes from Terry Ford from Marshall, MO…pretty sunset on Veteran’s Day




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