Investigators looking at possible arson at home of Harrisonville police officers

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- An investigation is ongoing after the home of two police officers went up in flames. Investigators say the fire looks suspicious, and one of the officers is a member of the Harrisonville Police Department.

It`s unclear at this point who, and why someone would want to torch Sergeant Geremy Pearce`s home. He shares it with his girlfriend who`s an officer with a different police department.

His girlfriend, one of their two kids and a couple of family pets were at home when the house went up in flames. They made it out safely, but the home is a total loss.

Sgt. Pearce got the call early Sunday morning while he was working the overnight shift that his house was on fire.

“A lot of fear. It was probably the longest, quickest drive home that I`ve ever had, and just trying to figure out what`s going on and make sure everybody was okay,” Sgt. Pearce explained to FOX 4’s Mary Pulley.

“Since then the neighbors have been great. We`re staying with one of the neighbors right now, and just yesterday a bunch of the kids got together and brought this huge jar full of money they, went door to door and said 'we`ve got like 40 or 50 dollars together,' so it was real cute.”

Sgt. Pearce says he isn`t sure who could be behind the fire, but says it`s possible the home was targeted because both he and his girlfriend are officers. An agency in Eastern Jackson County is investigating.

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