Kids asked to write kind letters to President-elect Trump; thousands respond

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SEATTLE — A group of kids in Seattle have shared their feelings by writing letters to President-elect Donald Trump. It started with one mom, Molly Spence Sahebjami, whose young son was saddened when Trump won the election.

Where I live in Seattle, it’s just a prevalent thing for kids to know him as the mean man,” she said

Sahebjami started a Facebook page for kids to talk to Trump, openly, honestly and most of all, kindly.

“I often say if someone is mean, why don’t you talk to them and, you know, you’re good at being kind. Maybe you can help him to be kind,” said Sahebjami.

Within hours her page went from one to one thousand and then 11,000.

As I talked to more moms both Democrats and Republicans that seems to be one thing that we can agree on. Our new President-elect needs to be more kind,” she said. 

Some of the postings are letters from kids. Others have drawn a picture or a post card.

One 13-year-old girl wrote:

“Dear Mr. Trump, I hope since many people dislike you, you can prove us wrong. The country is counting on you.”

Sahebjami says it’s important for children and adults to speak to each other respectfully and talk about differences.

“This is your role in democracy. It is to express yourself articulately and try to create connections with people and try to tell your story personally and bring people together because the more we know about each other and understand each other i think that is really a powerful thing,” she said.

The group is a closed group on Facebook, and you have to ask permission to join.

The page managers wrote these rules:

Welcome, everyone. This is a group created by parents of young children. We’re starting a multi-partisan, global grassroots campaign called “Dear President Trump: Letters from Kids About Kindness.”

Here is the idea:
* Children up to age 18 write letters to President-Elect Trump about the importance of being kind to other people, even if they’re different than you are.

* It’s great if kids can tell their own story, and how this issue is important to them personally.

* Please, keep it positive. The letters should be kind in tone and non-partisan. Consider this as your opportunity to persuade.

* Take a picture of the letter and post it in this group. (We suggest leaving your mailing address off the publicly shared image.)

* It’s great if you can post the picture of the letter on your own Facebook page and other social media channels, too, with the hashtag #kidsletterstotrump.

* Mail the letter to President-Elect Donald Trump (and if desired, the incoming First Lady Melania Trump too), Trump Tower, 725 5th Ave, NY, NY 10022.

* This is an experiment – we’ll see what happens!

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