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Lafayette County family hopes judgment against Odessa gun shop prevents future tragedies

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LAFAYETTE COUNTY, Mo. -- It has been more than four years since a woman judged  mentally ill bought a gun from an Odessa gun shop and killed her dad.

A Lafayette County judge ordered Odessa Gun and Pawn to pay more than $2 million to the family that warned them of the danger.

Family says what transpired in the Lafayette County courtroom is much more than about money. They say that hopefully this judgement will help other families avoid a similar tragedy.

“There`s nothing that can make up for that. It`s like how do you put a price on somebody`s life. You don`t,” said wife and mom Janet Delana.

Delana has lived without her husband Tex Delana since June of 2012, when he was shot and killed by their daughter, Colby Sue Weathers.

“The voices kept telling her if you kill somebody, if you kill somebody, we will shut up. So she did.” Delana said.

She says Colby suffers from mental illness, and in May of 2012, she bought a gun at Odessa Gun and Pawn. The Delanas found out and got rid of the gun.

Over the next month as Colby`s mental state continued to decline, Delana said she called the gun store and warned them of the danger.

“I said she is highly medicated, she is a mess and I gave them her description, social security number, date of birth, everything I could think of. We talked over four minutes,” Delana recalled.

“She walked in two days later, he sold her the gun without any regard to me and an hour later she shot and killed her dad.”

That was June 27, 2012.

“You just hope everything`s okay and I went to work about noon, she texted me dad is dead, and my heart just broke,” Delana said.

She said at that moment she knew they had lost their battle with mental illness, and a gun store she says that was more concerned with making the $40 profit on the gun than protecting her family.

“Mad, angry, I don`t even know how the man sleeps at night,” Delana said.

Attorney Kevin Jamison represented Odessa Gun and Pawn, and said: “We believe we had an excellent chance at trial but the settlement fulfills our objective to keep the store in business."

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