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Police, bartenders will keep an eyeful watch on drinkers during busy ‘Blackout Wednesday’

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Wednesday night isn’t about gifts and doesn’t have an official name, but in the bar world it’s sometimes called “Blackout Wednesday.” The busiest night of the year, and a pretty busy night for law enforcement too. Metro police and bartenders have a message for drivers making their way home.

“It's always super busy, super packed. It's always full of fun events. I'm excited for tonight.”

Kaitlyn Arey is a metro bartender and isn’t a stranger to Thanksgiving Eve festivities, she requests it off every year so she doesn’t have to work in a busy bar.

“It'll be super crazy at Up Down, super happy to have it off and relax tonight and just spend time with my family,” Arey said.

Metro bars are now adorned with holiday touches. People are meeting at places like Kelly’s to be with family, giving Wednesday night a different feel than just a night out.

"It's such a unique holiday,” Paul Kamps said.

While the fun kicks off inside, KCPD will be creating checkpoints with their mobile DUI enforcement, employing its best efforts to keep all drivers safe. According to Mothers Against Drunk Drivers or MADD, the proportion of people killed in drunk driving crashes over the Thanksgiving holiday spikes about 30 percent, in comparison to the rest of the year.

While bartenders are keeping their eye on your drink limit and police are watching the roads, drinkers here say they know it’s up to them.

“You know, if people aren't safe anymore, it's their fault. With Uber, taxi cabs, shared driving... I just hope everybody takes advantage of that. If you're gonna drink- don't drive.”

Bartenders hope drinkers will use apps like Uber to get home safe. For more information, click on this link.

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