Perfect night for the city’s Plaza Lighting Ceremony

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. - It's beginning to a look a lot like Christmas, thanks to the plaza lighting Thanksgiving night. A tradition 87 years in the making, kicked off with one flip of a switch.

"I grew up here in Kansas City, it was always a family tradition," Erin Berry said.

Some have been coming since they were kids.

"It's my first time on the plaza for Thanksgiving night!" Sally Roach said.

For others, it's a brand new experience they had to see in person.

"It better be a lot of lights, everybody's really excited. I'm expecting a lot," Roach said.

With one flip of a switch, the plaza is transformed into a Christmas wonderland, bringing everyone into the holiday spirit.

"You always knew after thanksgiving dinner, the plaza lights were coming on. I just like carrying on traditions with my kids," Berry said.

This tradition began in 1930. It's a long process that begins after Labor Day. All of that hard work paid off Thanksgiving night, as families cheered but people we talked to say it's about much more than the lights.

"I think with everything going on recently, I think it's just a sense of togetherness for the community coming out for a good time," Berry said.

The plaza lights will shine every night until January 15th.