Pit bull badly injured in fireworks attack makes tremendous turnaround

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A pit bull injured by powerful firecrackers four months ago has made a remarkable turnaround. In July, FOX 4 first showed you the heartbreaking video of a weak, bleeding, malnourished pit bull rescued by Chain of Hope.

Police say someone intentionally threw several powerful, M-80 firecrackers at “Helen,” severely injuring the dog and crushing her spirit.

But now, four months later, a refreshed and happier Helen is enjoying this day after Thanksgiving with her foster mom, Ali St. John.

“I`m amazed. I really am because I would think she`d still be fearful and she`s not. She loves everybody,” the foster mom said.

After months of tender loving care at Chain of Hope, and costly medical treatments, Helen’s made a tremendous turnaround.

“I’m grateful for Chain of Hope rescuing her and paying for all of the treatment,” St. John said.

Doctors feared the dog`s severely injured, front, left paw would have to be amputated.

“Not so, her paw has fully recovered. It`s still a little tender if she`s walking on some rough pavement or stones, but she doesn`t limp anymore,” St. John described.

As for Helen`s singed whiskers?

“Each one was burnt and now you couldn`t even tell, they have grown back,” St. John said.

A heftier Helen is also tipping the scale at 42 pounds. As a result of the fireworks attack, Helen lost most of her hearing. The dog`s right eye is still slightly scarred, and where there should be a left eye, instead now is a prosthetic.

As far as long-term effects, Helen will have to see an eye and ear doctor for the rest of her life, but she doesn`t have to go hunting for a new home.

“I am hooked on Helen. She is adorable. She`s sweet as pie. We are definitely thinking about adopting her,” St. John said.