Witnesses describe “back and forth” shootout spanning several blocks that injured seven people

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Police are still looking for evidence in a crime scene that stretched across multiple blocks. Seven people were injured early Sunday when multiple shots rang out near Gregory and Prospect.

Police responded to the initial shots fired, but the officers said they had to run for their lives when more shots were fired.

One officer fired shots. The shootout also caused a three-vehicle crash.

In total, seven people were shot. One person sustained critical injuries. The others are believed to be non-life threatening.

Kansas City police spokesperson Stacy Graves said officers saw suspects actively shooting at each other. While securing the scene, officers heard numerous shots fired in their immediate area, for several minutes.

Officers saw vehicles near the initial scene involved in a mobile disturbance firing shots.

"Due to continuous gunfire and an active scene, a City-Wide assist the officer was broadcast. Law enforcement from numerous surrounding agencies responded and assisted with the incident. The incident spans from 70th to 72nd streets, Prospect to Brooklyn," Graves said in a statement.

Neighbors spoke out about the shooting.

"They had assault rifles, gauges. They had it blocked off when we came out, they told us to go back in the house. I thought it was somebody lighting off firecrackers or something. It was a lot of shots. It was a lot. It was a lot. It was continuous. It went on back and forth," said neighbor Daimeion Looney.

No officers were injured. Police have not made any arrests.