Loss of man known for giving attitude and positive personality crushes family, friends in KCK

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- An innocent bystander is dead and his suspected killer is behind bars on a $1.5 million bond. Family and friends are sharing memories of Louis Scherzer, who was shot and killed early Sunday morning when he walked outside of a KCK bar.

He was unknowingly walking towards his suspected killer. That man, 18-year-old Efrain Gonzalez, is facing a first degree murder charge.

Scherzer’s family said he was always willing to help anyone in need, and his loss has hit them like no other tragedy could.

“I just love you so much, I`m completely crushed that you are not here anymore,” said his brother, Harry Scherzer IV.

His big smile and a personality to match, the Scherzer family says Louis was the baby brother who grew up to be the one who took care of them.

Louis Scherzer

Louis Scherzer

“He did so much for me and he did so much for everyone. He was my backbone and he was my right hand,” said his sister, Katie Scherzer-Cop.

“My favorite thing about Louis is that he never woke up mad,” said fiancé Ellie Long.

The shooting happened in an alley behind Chicago`s bar at 6th and Central. Police say Gonzalez had just led them on a police chase, parked and was hiding. Louis Scherzer just happened to walk out of the bar at the wrong time, where he was shot and killed.

“He was afraid to let anyone down. That`s what drove him. He tried to make everybody happy,” said brother-in-law Joe Cop.

And he made them happy. Tears quickly turned to laughter as family and friends talked about when Louis organized a softball team and provided the equipment.

“Every time a home run would be hit, Louis would come down with the clipboard and say, ‘Terry, that's $6,’ and then he would say, ‘Michael, that`s $12.’” said friend Jake Miller.

Louis’ jersey sported a captain’s “C”.

“But we tried to get him to believe the ‘C’ wasn`t for captain, it was actually for kickball. He wasn`t very good at spelling so he may have believed it,” friend Chris Wing quipped to a room full of laughter.

He was well-known for helping others whenever he had the chance. One example was of a former co-worker down on his luck; a story his parents found out about after Louis was killed.

“He came here to tell us that he worked down there. His car had broke down and his wife was pregnant and he had no means transportation. Louis would pick him up and take him to work,” dad Harry Scherzer, Sr. described.

Louis eventually bought the man a car. His co-worker repaying him the only way he could.

“So he showed us a picture of his son and I said, ‘oh man that`s cool.’ He said, ‘his name is Louis Michael. I named him after your son,’” Harry continued.

“These stories are remarkable. He was such an exceptional person. He really was, he touched so many lives,” mom Cathy Scherzer said.

The Scherzer family says the tragic way he died is not the end, and his kindness will live on.

A candlelight vigil is planned at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday. Organizers said they will meet at Ward Football Field and will walk to the Scherzer home.

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From: The Louis M. Scherzer Memorial Page

From: The Louis M. Scherzer Memorial Page