Crews dealing with the aftermath of Tuesday night pipeline explosion

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PLATTE COUNTY, Mo. -- Tuesday night's pipeline explosion sent a towering inferno into the air and alarmed residents for miles around.

The blast happened in a rural field near Mellon's Bridge and Covered Bridge Road not far from the airport.

Investigators and clean-up crews are now dealing with the aftermath.

Thankfully the explosion didn't hurt anyone or cause any damage to homes.

Crews on scene are working to clean up the damage, and investigators are trying to figure out what caused the pipeline to explode in the first place.

So far, they aren't revealing what they've uncovered.

Some nearby residents caught the flames on video. The bright orange and yellow glow could be seen miles away.

FOX 4 spoke to one resident who lives nearby.

Jennifer Hill said she heard all sorts of sirens screaming by her house around 6:30 p.m. and wondered what was going on. She stepped outside and realized something bad had happened.

"It was scary. At first, I was afraid it was a house, and my first thought I said to my daughter was, 'I hope there was nobody there, and if there was, I hope they got out and everybody was okay,'" Hill said. "And so then when I saw that it was a pipeline and they said there was no injuries, I said 'thank God.' You know, you don't want to have, especially at this time of year, you know, it's the holidays and nobody wants to have that happen in their family or anything like that."

The gas is shut off to the part of this pipeline.

The Platte County Sheriff's Office is asking people to avoid the area.

There is no word yet when the investigation will wrap up and roads will reopen.