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Naked woman arrested for trying to hug grandma in wheelchair and boys at Pleasant Valley bus stop

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PLEASANT VALLEY, Mo. -- A woman is facing assault charges after a bizarre encounter in which she reportedly got completely nude on a Pleasant Valley sidewalk and approached a group of young boys after grabbing an elderly grandmother in a wheelchair and hugging her.

Alecia Weber

Alecia R. Weber

Alecia R. Weber, 26, is charged with 3rd degree assault for the incident, which took place Monday morning near Ravena and Pence Roads.

Court records say police were called to the scene around 8:45 a.m. on a report of a naked woman trying to hug children at a bus stop.

A witness told police she saw Weber completely nude attempting to "hug and hump" a woman in a wheelchair, before running toward a group of children. The witness said she saw five or six little boys running away.

The woman in the wheelchair told police she was watching her grandson at the bus stop when she saw Weber on the sidewalk taking off all of her clothes. She said Weber came up to her and started to touch and hug her. The woman said she told Weber to get off, but that the nude woman kept saying, "I want a hug." The grandmother said Weber eventually let go and then approached a group of young boys, who ran away.

"They were scared. All I know is they were running down the street and hollering," said Donna Knoch, 69.

"She was squeezing me," said Knoch.

Naked? FOX 4's Robert Townsend asked. "

Yeah!.... She stunk on top of it," she said.

Knoch says Weber is a neighbor and now she cannot get out of her mind what happened at the bus stop.

"She took her blouse off then she took her bra off and then she took her pants off. She didn't have no underpants on," Knoch said. "I said, 'I don't want nothing to do with you. Leave me alone,'... My grandson was down there. He said, 'she stinks.'"

Another witness said she saw Weber hover over a five-year-old boy sitting on the ground and hug him, which is when the boys ran away from her. The witness pulled the boy away from Weber, who then grabbed the witness by the arm and kept asking for a hug.

The witness said Weber would not let go, and kept saying, "this is f--king awesome." The witness said she was able to get herself and the boy away from Weber.

Police arrived and found the front door of a home left wide open. An officer recognized Weber from previous contacts and knew that to be her home.

Police were able to take her into custody. An officer arriving at the scene said Weber appeared "very emotional" as she was loaded into an ambulance.

Weber is currently held in the Clay County jail. Her bond is set at $20,000 and was given the condition that she not leave her home unless fully clothed.