Metro mom says man her 12-year-old daughter met on social media raped her in own home

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CLAY COUNTY, Mo. -- A mother says a 22-year-old man raped her 12-year-old daughter in her own home while the girl's parents were sleeping. Now police are searching for that suspect.

Hayden Allen, 22

Hayden Allen, 22

Clay County prosecutors have filed charges against 22-year-old Hayden Allen.

FOX 4’s Shannon O’Brien spoke with the mom, who said she was crushed that something like this could happen to her daughter. She says all of the precautions the family took to protect their daughter could not keep Allen from ruining their lives.

“Makes you feel like a failure as a parent knowing you couldn`t protect your child even though you try and think that you are protecting them,” the mom said, whom FOX 4 is not identifying.

“Twenty-two years old. He coerced her into telling him where she lived and snuck into her bedroom window that night.”

Police say the 12-year-old victim was communicating with 22-year-old Allen on social media. Allen has been charged with statutory rape after forcing sex on the young girl in her own home while her parents were asleep, unaware of what was going until the next day.

“I noticed marks on her neck and I asked her what they were. At first she tried to make up a story but I started digging a little deeper,” the mom said.

Those marks were hickies, according to court records. The victim`s mom said she did everything she could to protect her daughter from a predator like Allen, even monitored her daughter`s social media.

“Upset with the fact that I have talked to her so many times not to talk to strangers, not telling people where we live, she`s only 12 years old,” the mom said.

Since then, the victim is in counseling, the family has a new security system and communicating online is no longer allowed.

“She has even expressed how glad she is that we have taken away her iPod and social media and all of that because she is scared now,” the mom said.

Allen was taken into custody Friday, Dec. 2 and released on bond Saturday, Dec. 3.

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