Mom of man shot by Kansas City police overwhelmed with grief, desperate for answers

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Overwhelmed with sadness and confusion, a Kansas City mother is desperate for answers, after police shot and killed her son on Wednesday.

David Crosby-Dowdy, 25, died Wednesday after police shot him during a traffic stop in the city’s old Northeast neighborhood.

“He didn`t deserve to be shot down,” said his mother, Chanda Crawford. “He has family here that loved and cared about him.”

Overcome with grief, Crawford said it feels like part of her heart is missing. It’s a void that can never be refilled as she mourns the loss of her son, who was a father to two little boys.

“I ain’t never experienced nothing like this,” she said. “It`s like I’m sick. I can’t move. I just felt like dying too, because I wasn`t there to hold his hand.”

Police said Crosby-Dowdy was a robbery suspect whom they pulled over for questioning during a traffic stop.

Investigators said he was cooperative at first, but as they tried to get him out of the car, they say Crosby-Dowdy reached for a gun – giving an officer no choice but to shoot first.

It’s a narrative Crawford has heard, but is having a tough time accepting.

“He`s not going to reach for nobody`s gun,” she insisted. “I don`t believe it. I don`t believe that he did that… I never said he didn`t do anything wrong – he wasn`t perfect. But then who is?”

Crawford acknowledges Crosby-Dowdy’s criminal past. She said he struggled with drug abuse for years amidst a series of recent criminal charges for tampering with a motor vehicle, and gun and drug possession. He also has prior convictions for burglary and theft.

“Along the way, he kind of got side-tracked, you know, tied up in drugs,” she said. “It was a battle. I saw him struggle with it for a long time.”

While she agrees he should take responsibility for his actions, Crawford believes her son did not deserve to die.

“He didn`t deserve to be shot down like that,” she said, “and we deserve to know the truth. And I’m going to ask questions, and I’m going to investigate until I cannot investigate anymore, to find out what happened to my son.”

Wednesday's officer-involved shooting also led to a standoff in which 10 people were arrested. So far, none of them have been criminally charged. Police said they're continuing to investigate.

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