Couple describes screams, crazy scene of horse-drawn carriage crash on Plaza

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Witnesses are recalling a horse-drawn carriage crash they saw on the Country Club Plaza Saturday night.

Brittany Steel and her fiancé Jason Haas were spending Saturday night walking around the Plaza with their young son looking at the lights.

"We heard galloping and when we looked back we saw the horse that was pulling the carriage," said Jason. "It was tearing down the road, I mean hauling butt."

The couple said they heard screaming.

"It was moving so fast it was kicking up dust from the wheels," Haas said. "You could see the driver pulling back on the strap trying to slow it down."

The couple said the woman who was driving the carriage did everything she could to try to control the horse.

"She was trying to pull it back and everything but it would not work at all," said Brittany Steel.

Haas said when the carriage crashed he saw somebody fly into the air.

"When we saw it coming so fast we turned around and kind of just ran over there to see if they were okay and everything," said Steel.

Two of four passengers riding in the carriage and the driver were hurt. Witnesses told FOX 4 the horse appeared to be agitated and uncomfortable while pulling the carriage.

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