Looking for a calm from election chaos, people flock to spas and exercise classes

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- For many people -- the election has them needing some serious rest and relaxation. Businesses that cater to de-stressing are seeing more clients needing their help.

“I don`t know who isn`t stressed out or affected by this election,” said Monica Watrous, a Power Life Yoga client.

“Overall, people are just a little overwhelmed and overstimulated,” added Jenny Anderson, a trainer/manager at Power Life Yoga.

People are flocking to exercise classes -- including yoga -- to calm down and focus on themselves for a little bit.

“With all the political ads, and just coming down to the wire with the election, I know that this is a place where you can just turn off,” Anderson added.

At Power Life Yoga -- many people are hoping the classes leave them feeling more refreshed, having more energy, and a clear mind.

“You get absorbed in the workouts, and you focus on the movements, and it gives you something positive to think about,” Watrous said.

Across town at The Elms Hotel and Spa -- others are pampering themselves to get away from it all.

“You give yourself permission to stop, and you`re not looking at your phone, you`re not looking computer, you`re not multi-tasking, you are just relaxing, and just letting your mind drift, which is really hard to do right now,” said Selena Speaks, who is having a spa day.

Compared to last November -- business is way, way up.

“This is a very busy month for us, our leisure travel is up plus 400 room nights this month alone,” said Marissa Krems, the Spa Director at The Elms Hotel and Spa.

“Everything just feels very divided,” Speaks said, “I’ve been guilty of just trying to put it on the backburner, not think about it, even though we all have to, and have that responsibility to get out there and vote, and being here today is just giving good permission to keep balance in our lives.”

And you never know -- maybe someone you meet in the spa or your workout class might not necessarily agree with who you're voting for -- but you'll never know.

“It brings people together who maybe would normally go to the gym and just work on the treadmill and not talk to anybody, this forces people to connect and maybe talk to somebody they wouldn`t have before,” Anderson said.

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