Tenants fighting the cold in own homes for days after gas line shut off at Independence apartments

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Some frustrated Kansas City tenants say they've been living in cold apartment for the last four nights. Now it's their tempers that are heating up.

The problem may get worse for those folks as much colder temperatures are on the way.

Missouri Gas Energy said they had to shut off a gas pipeline one of the buildings at the Harvard Court apartment complex, near 40-Highway and Sterling, due to natural gas leaks.

Several residents told FOX 4 they have been freezing in their own homes since Friday and just want the gas turned back on. With even lower temperatures coming, their fears are growing.

60-year-old Patti Gilbertson said she has to bundle up in a blanket just to keep warm in her home.

"There's no heat in the apartment. I couldn't cook. Some people didn't have any place to go," she said. "I stayed here Friday night, but then Saturday I went to a friend's."

Patti said Friday morning she was cooking, food still in the oven, when she got a knock on her door with the news that the gas was about to be shut off.

She and more than 40 of her neighbors -- among them are elderly, disabled, and parents with small children -- at the building suddenly didn't have any gas.

"You check the temperature at my apartment right now, it is at 37 degrees," said tenant Boyce McBride.

McBride wears a winter hat and a thick turtleneck inside his apartment.

Tenants said on Friday managers at the apartment sent out two notices telling them that "gas has been shut off until further notice. Sorry for the inconvenience."

"What does 'further notice' mean when you're freezing in your apartment and you have no heat?" McBride asked.

Missouri Gas Energy said their workers found multiple leaks in a pipeline that's inside the apartment building. As a result, they immediately shut off the gas to keep tenants safe, a company spokesperson said.

Three days later, contractors spent the day trying to fix the problem, as Patti Gilbertson and other tenants patiently wait.

"I hope they get it back on soon. Very soon," she said.

As of Monday evening, the contractors were still trying to solve the problem. A regional manager told FOX 4 those workers will keep at it until they fix it.

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