Second grade student makes startling discovery at a Grandview elementary school

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GRANDVIEW, Mo. -- A deadly weapon was found inside the halls of one area elementary school. A second grader at Conn West Elementary brought a gun to school earlier this week.

FOX 4’s Shannon O’Brien learned that another second grader told a teacher that his friend had brought a gun to school.

"I thought it was scary, ‘cause somebody could have got hurt in the classroom," Conn West student Josiah told FOX 4.

The boy said one of his classmates showed him what he described as a little black gun on Wednesday at school. Although Josiah knew it was wrong to have a gun at school, he did not tell anyone, until the next day when the situation got even more serious.

“The first day he showed me it was in the morning, and the next day we was at gym and he told me, he told a couple of my friends, that he had some bullets the next day. And then I found one on the floor and told the PE teacher."

Josiah’s mother Latoya Brown says the news terrified her.

"I was really nervous because anything can happen, What if it was loaded?" Brown said.

School administrators assured her that her son is safe, and Josiah said that he learned a big lesson: To tell an adult the first time, and how dangerous having a gun at school can be.

"We are not going to bring any more guns to school and nobody was hurt and everybody is fine,” he said.

Josiah and his mother say the boy who brought the gun to school has been suspended. The school district provided the following statement:

The safety of our students is always a top priority. Therefore, immediate action was taken after school staff received reports that an unloaded gun was brought to school by a student at Conn West Elementary. The police were called and removed the unloaded weapon from the premises, with little disruption to the school day. At no time was there a threat nor any students in imminent danger.

School administrators will be following the code of conduct and state statutes in regards to this matter. Our district continually reviews its processes and procedures. In light of this event, and as a part of our standard practice, we will review the incident to identify any modifications to our procedures that may prevent any similar incidents.