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Joe’s Weather Blog: Cold for us…a lot of “stuff” elsewhere (SAT-12/10)

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Good afternoon. Another cloudy and gray day in the area with temperatures struggling around 35° or so. We won’t budge much today or tonight for that matter. There may be some very light drizzle or sprinkles  with an occasional rain shower develop tomorrow but aside from several shots of cold weather this coming week…in the big picture there doesn’t appear to be a lot of “weather” locally going on for now. It’s only when you get deeper into things that you find some interesting trends…and that’s what I’m going to be writing about today…and once again there will be some holiday music that you can listen too while reading.


Tonight: Cloudy with more or less steady temperatures in the 32-35° range.

Sunday: Some drizzle or sprinkles may develop in the morning hours. Again as mentioned in previous blogs and on the air…there is a small window of time where the road temperatures may be a bit cooler than the air temperatures around daybreak through 9-10AM or so where what falls could glaze things up a bit on untreated surfaces. I don’t think this would be a widespread issue…but something rather isolated. We’ll see what happens during the newscast on Sunday morning (starting at 7AM). Overall cloudy and gray with occasional light showers. Highs in around 40° or so.

Monday: Not terrible…more or less seasonable with highs in the 40-45° range.


So your holiday music selection for blog reading is my favorite Christmas song…and it’s a song that some of us in KC want to see become reality…


Although the song only goes for about 2 minutes…so you may need to be a fast reader!

We’re stuck with clouds…and I’ve already written about the situation for Sunday…so I don’t want to get into that whole scenario again…this tweet from the NWS is pretty solid and explains what I’ve written about for the past couple of days.

Let’s look at some other stuff.

Item #1 is something that I noticed in the latest drought report that came out on Thursday…and that is a developing drought that is slowly spreading in the SW Plains…including the western part of KS.


Notice that severe drought area across SW KS…also a bit into western NE.

Obviously this is being enhanced by a lack of moisture. Take a look at the last 90 days of moisture (rain/snow) and it’s not a pretty picture out there.


Last 90 days of rain/snow…notice the lack of accumulations across western KS and most of E CO…also some areas in W NE and SE WY and the OK Panhandle and parts of N TX

Dry spells and droughts are common out there and it’s looking like their going through another bout of it again. It seemed to get temporarily better for awhile this year…but it’s going in the wrong direction again. The forecast is NOT good for the next 10+ days out there either. the winter wheat crop has been planted (93% of it) and more than 3/4’s has emerged. The problem is the need for water to get to that crop now…and that is going to be an issue for awhile. While there have been some light events…which allows for moisture to get to the tops of the roots…there hasn’t been many good soaking events for the moisture to get farther into the soil…allowing the roots of the crop to strengthen and grow. Some areas are doing OK while many areas out there are not.

As you listen to the song above…I can find snow…and lots of it…except it’s up towards the I-80 corridor and around the Chicago area…and that’s item #2

If you’re traveling that way…or know somebody who is…numerous flight cancellations are expected at O’Hare and Midway airports (among others) tomorrow.

Item #3 is also snow related…and it concerns the Lake effect snow process that is going to be in the news this coming week. Last week was very productive for the lake effect regions…some areas measuring the snow with a yardstick.

Other areas hit were the favored lake effect areas of PA and NY.

When you get these bitterly cold air masses going over the “warmer” lake waters…snow squalls develop. One contributor to the snow amounts may well be the unseasonably warm lake waters in the Great Lakes. Water temperatures are still in the 50s for many areas of the Lakes…

So when these cold air masses go over the lakes…and the warm water…the change in temperature from the warm surface waters to the cold lower part of the atmosphere can be extreme…perhaps some 60°+ degrees (or more)..that creates instability in the lowest part of the atmosphere and that creates convective clouds which produce heavy snows.

via NOAA


Our feature photo comes from @Stormchaser111…pretty sunrise from yesterday in Leavenworth County!



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