FOX 4’s Pay-It-Forward Award goes to social worker trying to buy gifts for local children so they’ll have a joyful Christmas

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A social worker with Della Lamb Community Services is stressed out because there's a drastic shortage of toys for community kids this Christmas, so her co-worker took it on himself to nominate her for FOX 4's Pay-It-Forward Award to make sure there's something under the tree for every one of their kids.

Della Lamb's Operation Christmas provides a holiday to 1,400 families every year, but this year they are in need of toys. The organization also provides underwear and new socks for children.

"We provide hats, gloves, all those things that kids need," said Johnathan Hyde who nominated Mindy Akers for the Pay-It-Forward Award. "The other thing we provide is what kids want. So the toys are important because of the kids and this year we're running a little short. So urgently looking for toy donations for Christmas."

Hyde says Hallmark provides Della Lamb with wrapping paper so parents can make Christmas their own celebration in the own home.

"We always need more," Hyde said. "We're frugal organization, as you know. We will stretch that $300 probably into $500."

Akers says the current toys the organization has will only last them a few days.

Click here to make a donation to Della Lamb

"This will buy a lot of toys for our kids to have a good Christmas this year, and that's what our goal is," Akers said. "For our kids have a good Christmas,  have something to open on Christmas Day."

Watch the video above to see Aker's joyful reaction.

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