Suspect arrested after driving stolen jeep into creek in attempt to flee police

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- More than a dozen law enforcement officers pursued a suspect across the state line before the suspect in a stolen vehicle ended up in a creek.

The 30-minute episode started when officers attempted to pull over a driver in a stolen vehicle near 6th Street and Elmwood in Kansas City, Mo. shortly before noon.

The driver refused to pull over, eventually making his way to 66th Street and Everett in KCK, where he drove down a dead-end street, through a wooded area and down into a creek behind several homes.

J.R. Trezvant lives in the neighborhood where the man was caught, and said the incident was shocking.

"Heard the helicopters, and I stepped outside and then I just heard sirens getting closer and closer. Very crazy," he said.

Lt. Col. Bob Gunja with the Wyandotte County Sheriff's office said police stayed with the man, both on the ground and in the air.

"These speeds ranged between 20 and probably 70 to 80 miles per hour," Gunja said. "It wound up and down residential streets, through the main streets like State Avenue and Parallel Parkway."

Police said the man's dangerous drive didn't end until the man reached a dead end, drove behind several homes, and ended up in a creek.

They said the man tried to run, but they quickly caught him.

With the incident over, J.R. can have a few laughs looking back.

"It's just funny," J.R. laughed. "It's real quiet around here. Doesn't nothing like that happen around here."

That suspect is currently in jail awaiting charges.

The jeep's owner told FOX 4 her vehicle was stolen Sunday afternoon just outside her job. She said she left the key in the ignition, expecting to leave it for just a moment, as she was heading home. She said less than five minutes later, it was gone.