Two community groups join forces to help make ‘Drive KC to Work’ a success

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Drive KC to Work is a team effort between the Bishop Sullivan Center and the Kansas City Municipal Impound Lot to help community members who qualify find an affordable vehicle to get them to and from work.

Bishop Sullivan offers a car buying program where those who qualify get a car for less than $1,000. The tow lot then offers Bishop Sullivan free storage until they are able to sell the car to the new owner.

"Jobs are available, but people can't get to them," said Phil Smith with the Bishop Sullivan Center. "That causes a big issue. So one of the things we have done here at the Bishop Sullivan Center as we've really been working through a jobs program to try to assist qualified people who really want to do the right things and want to get a job."

"It means the world because I'm a single mom with three kids," car recipient Marcy Bray said. "You know, I'm just thankful to God that he put people like Phil and Drive KC into my life so that I could get to and from work and take my kids home from school and church and everything."