UMKC dismisses senior guard Martez Harrison following Title IX investigation

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Missouri-Kansas City has dismissed senior guard Martez Harrison, the Roos' second-leading scorer, after an investigation into his behavior by the school's Title IX office.

Martez Harrison

Martez Harrison

Roos coach Kareem Richardson did not say in a statement Monday what prompted the investigation, but he did say "Martez failed to meet the expectations we have for student-athletes in our program."

Harrison had been suspended since late-November.

The 5-foot-11 guard from Kansas City averaged 16.5 points through the Roos' first six games, and was already among the program's career scoring leaders. He finishes his UMKC career with 1,654 points.

In a statement released on Tuesday, a spokesman says Harrison 'violated the University's Title IX policy by 'committing acts of dating-intimate partner violence.'

"Everybody was sad about the decision and we just got to move forward and, you know, continue to focus on what we need to focus on," said LaVell Boyd, teammate.

"Martez is no different than any of the guys. It's a family and I look at these guys like my own kids and any time you have to make a tough decision on any of the guys, it's painful," said Kareem Richardson, UMKC basketball coach.

Richardson called Harrison's suspension and dismissal from the team, 'the correct decision.'

Here is Richardson's full statement:

“Martez failed to meet the expectations we have for student-athletes in our program,” Richardson said. “When those standards aren’t met, there are consequences. His conduct fell far short of what we expect from those who represent our men’s basketball program and university. After gathering more facts from Title IX office officials during his suspension, and further discussions with athletics department personnel, the decision was made to permanently remove him from our program.”