WATCH: This section of Route 66 ‘sings’ America the Beautiful

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TIJERAS, N.M. — Route 66 has long been called the “Main Street of America,” but when you hit a stretch of the road in Tijeras, New Mexico, it’s easy to see why… or rather, to hear why.

A section of the historic highway just east of Albuquerque is known as the “Musical Highway,” because when you drive on it, the road plays a familiar patriotic tune.

The road is lined with specially-designed rumble strips that, when hit at precisely 45 miles per hour, play “America the Beautiful.”

The singing road is only the fifth one built in the world, and it doesn’t just make your drive a little more fun, it’s actually keeping drivers safe by encouraging them to keep their speed down to 45 mph.

The road was built in 2014 and paid for by the National Geographic Channel and coordinated with the New Mexico Department of Transportation, according to a report from KOAT.

So if you ever find yourself on a road trip from sea to shining sea, swing by Albuquerque and check out the Musical Highway. Slow down and hum along.