Gratitude and tears when new mattresses are given to Kansas City families

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Christmas came early for some families today who have been patiently waiting for beds, something many of us take for granted, but something they say they so desperately need.

“It means a lot when you`ve come from nothing, when you`ve had nothing multiple times,” says Jasmine.

Jasmine has three kids. After a lot of waiting, she finally was able to pick up mattresses for them today.

“We`ve just been through a lot, and I`m starting over, we were homeless, God blessed me with a house, so we came from a car to a house, and even though we`re on the floor right now, he keeps blessing us,” Jasmine adds.

Another family slept on the floor for three months before picking up their beds today.

“The house I was living in started getting infested with bed bugs and all these animals in the carpet, so I had to get rid of them,” says Angela.

These families say if it wasn’t for Sleepyhead beds, they would be without beds for a long time, because they can't afford to buy their own.

“Right now it`s about 1 in 42 children is without a bed, so we work with a lot of foster families, women and children coming out of domestic violence shelters , families transitioning out of homeless shelters that are working on restarting their lives, furnishing their homes,” says Laura Turner, Client Services Coordinator For Sleephead Beds.

Sleepyhead Beds is the only organization in Kansas City that provides mattresses to those who need them.

They also provide box springs and bedding.

“Right now we have over one thousand families on a wait list, most families have multiple children, so we`re talking about more than 3,000 kids in need of beds right now,” adds Turner.

Sleepyhead Beds takes donations of all different kinds of mattresses, except kings, new pillows, sheets, and pack and plays...for more information, or if you would like to donate: