Investigators plan to seize pets left out in cold without shelter this weekend

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Humans aren’t the only ones who will be battling bitter cold temperatures this weekend. So will pets who are outside.

Animal health advocates are urging everyone to bring animals inside.

Kansas City ordinance says if it's below freezing animals have to proper shelter, food and water that isn’t frozen.
We rode along with animal control who have been swamped with calls the past couple days.

Kansas City Animal Health Investigator James Donovan spent Friday trying to save every dog he can from the cold.
Fox 4 joined him on the road at the end of the day. There were 14 calls still lined up from concerned neighbors about animal neglect.

“A lot of it’s irresponsibility on some of these pet owners leaving some of these animals out in the conditions, some of it’s lack of education,” Investigator Donovan said.

Once he arrived at a home on Myrtle he got the bad news from other animal health officers first on the scene.

“There’s another dog on the north side of the house, looks like it’s being neglected,” another officer told him.

Donovan found one pit bull mix chained in the side yard, another barking on the front porch.

When the owner came home Donovan told him, “that’s a problem we can’t be leaving animals in this type of conditions.”

Animal control officers expect they’ll be rescuing a lot of pets from the icy cold weather this weekend.

“Once it gets below 32 degrees our hands are tied if there’s no water outside or the water is frozen it’s an automatic impound. If they don’t have shelter outside it’s an automatic impound.”

Pet lovers are encouraged to report animals left out in the cold to authorities. And if you need help keeping your pet warm you can call Spay and Neuter Kansas City.

"We can provide a dog house, we can provide straw, but our number one goal is to bring these dogs indoors, get these dogs and cats in throughout the winter months,” Spay and Neuter Kansas City's Marlan Roberts said.

You can reach Spay and Neuter Kansas City for help at 816 353 0940. If you need Animal Control, just call 311.