KC woman hopes to continue mom’s legacy, after she was killed by son during fight over money

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KANSAS CITY, Mo – A metro woman can’t stop asking herself why. Why her own brother shot and killed their mother, before turning the gun on himself. Friday night, for the first time, we are hearing about that October day in Brookside through the eyes of the shooter’s sister.

“He took my mom. He took our mom. He took a beautiful woman who impacted a lot of people's lives.”

For the past two months, Kristen Oehlert has been asking herself how her own brother could a point a gun at their mother, shoot and kill her.

“At first and still, it's a lot of questioning, why? She was his biggest fan. Both of our biggest fans. She was my best friend,” Oehlert said.

Nicki Alexopoulos was a teacher. A woman with a beautiful spirit and a big smile. A woman who lived life boldly, who once bedazzled gloves and went by herself to a Lady Gaga concert. A woman who risked her life, taking Kristen and her brother out of an abusive home when they were young.

“She got us out, we escaped.”

Nicki’s life revolved around speaking out against domestic violence. She journaled about her past abuse and was in the process of writing a book, with dreams of helping other victims but instead it was domestic violence that took her life.

“It's kind of ironic, isn't it?” Oehlert said.

On a Fall day, this past October, Nicki was in her Brookside home with her friend Alice. Kristen called her mom to chat.

“They were laughing, having a great time.”

Within one hour, her mother was gone. Kristen’s brother shot and killed their mom, shot Alice, then turned the gun on himself after a dispute over money. She now has been forced to live with a gaping hole in her life.

“I miss being able to call her when I'm in the car and tell her about her grandsons.”

Kristen is searching for Nicki’s old journals. She hopes to somehow carry on her mom’s mission and let domestic violence victims know they’re not alone.

“Have patience. You are not the weak one. The weak are the ones that are abusing you. You're not. You are the stronger.”

Nicki’s friend Alice who was also shot in the home, is out of the hospital and will make a full recovery. For more on how you can help Nicki’s family: https://www.gofundme.com/nickialexopoulos