Two men accused of raping Johnson County deputy in October appear before judge again

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OLATHE, Kan. -- Two men accused of kidnapping and raping a Johnson County sheriff’s deputy appeared before a judge on Friday, two-and-a-half months after police say they raped a Johnson County deputy.

William Luth, 24,  and Brady Newman-Caddell, 21, are behind bars, each on a $1 million bond.  Police say the men abducted the female deputy late Friday night, Oct. 7th outside of the Johnson County Detention Center in downtown Olathe as she was going to work. They’re accused of forcing her into a blue Mazda 3 owned by Luth`s wife and driving around, raping her multiple times before letting her go in Missouri.

“We know that there are other victim or victims and we are asking that now that these two individuals are in custody, we are asking that if people have had contact with these two individuals that they contact the TIPS Hotline or the Johnson County Sheriff`s Office,” said Howe.

He wouldn’t go into details, but sources tell FOX 4 that police believe at least one of the suspect's DNA matches the DNA evidence from a reported rape in February which police say happened at the Stoney Brook Apartments on US 24 Highway in Independence.

In February, the victim of the Independence rape told police that five men broke into her apartment, covered her face with her pants and gang raped her as her little girl slept next to her.

Court appearance on Dec. 16. Caddell on left, Luth on right.

Court appearance on Dec. 16. Caddell on left, Luth on right.

In October, the judge continued their case until Friday, Dec. 16. Attorneys explained that there was a lot of 'discovery' to get through. 'Discovery' is the legal term for the evidence police have collected against them. They are now due back in courtin February.

Luth is from Blue Springs, Mo., and  Newman-Caddell is from Independence, Mo.

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William Luth

William Luth Oct. 20

Brady Newman Caddell

Brady Newman Caddell - Oct 20