Frigid temps can’t keep loyal Chiefs fans away from Arrowhead

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Hundreds of fans put on the layers and shivered for hours, cheering on the Chiefs. In the last couple minutes of the game, the Chiefs lost 19 to 17 to the Titans but was it still worth it for fans?

One by one, hundreds of Chiefs fans filed out of Arrowhead, hitting the salty sidewalks, disappointed after a game full of ups and downs.

“Very frustrated. Can't believe they made that last field goal,” fan Daniel Lipari said.

“We should've won it obviously. What I'm mad about is Andy Reid calling a time out right there when we should've won it. What was that?” fan Shawn Sproul said.

Fans are questioning what led up to the loss, but there’s one thing no fan even thought twice about.

“So you never thought about not coming today because of the cold weather?”

“No,” Sproul said.

“Cuz we're die hards. Die hards. It's what we do.”

The definition of ride or die, hundreds say not coming wasn’t an option, so there was only one thing left to do.

“We have learned from our mistakes and have hot and hands in our shoes in our gloves. Blankets and doubled up our layers,” fan Wendy Olsson said/

Some fans stayed warm in other ways.

“Oh yea. I am a little buzzed,” Sproul said.

Fans were hoping to see the Chiefs clinch, making surviving subzero wind chills even more worth it but they’re not worried.

“We'll get there.”

So are the Chiefs fans regretting braving the weather? Not one bit.

“Chiefs rule!”