Deadly Berlin truck crash hits close to home for local German immigrants

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RAYTOWN, Mo. -- A crowded Christmas market in Berlin became the scene of a deadly tragedy on Monday night. Twelve people were killed and at least fifty were injured when a tractor trailer plowed through the market and into bystanders.

Officials are investigating the crash as an act of terrorism, German intelligence sources have said. A police spokesman said the driver has been arrested and another person in the truck died at the scene.

Some families in the metro are watching the events closely. For one Raytown couple, the tragedy hits close to home.

It was a possible terrorist attack a continent away, but it has affected some here in the U.S. as if it happened on our soil.

Elfriede Jass and her husband Henry have been glued to the television for updates on the truck that ran through the holiday market and killed at least 9 people and injured 50 more.

They have a satellite and are getting their news from German TV stations in their native language. The couple immigrated from Germany years ago and raised their family in the Kansas City metro.

They said this attack takes them back to the horror of the September 11 attacks. For them, this one in Germany hits just as hard.

"I have been to Ground Zero. It was eerie. How do you know? You go to a market and you don't expect that, yet it can happen anywhere," Elfriede said.

The Jasses have close family and friends who still live in Germany and could have easily been in this area, known as the Kris Kringle Market, when this -- what looks like a possible terrorist attack -- happened.

They are awaiting word about the identity of those killed and hurt to make sure their people are safe.

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