Here’s what it’s like to use Google Daydream view in-flight

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Google's $80 Daydream View virtual reality headset is a slick way to experience the world in 360 degrees. You can visit far off places, watch 360 degree videos or immerse yourself with a movie in your own private theater.

So tech expert Rich DeMuro wondered, would this make a plane flight more enjoyable?


Daydream View works by putting your smartphone into the specially designed headset, which has lenses inside that magnify the screen and make it envelop your field of vision. What's unique about Daydream is that it also comes with a little remote control that works like a virtual laser pointer so it's easy to navigate through apps.

Right now the device works with two models of Android phones - the Google Pixel and the Moto Z. Rich downloaded a movie before the flight and had it ready to go.

The verdict? While it was pretty neat to watch a movie on a giant virtual screen, Rich said that the system got too hot on his face and too heavy on his head to get through an entire film. He ended up watching about 38 minutes of a 2-hour movie. He watched the rest on his phone sitting on the tray table using a KeyProp.


As for the other passengers, they didn't seem too phased by a guy in a VR headset. Rich said no one said anything to him about what he was doing, although he was concerned about looking like a total weirdo.

For another opinion, he asked David Ruddock, editor at the website Android Police. He recently wrote an article about flying with the Google Daydream View as well.


Android Police Editor David Ruddock wearing Daydream View.

He was able to watch an entire movie, but we both agree that while this technology is amazing and continues to get better, it's not there just yet.

Still, at $80, Daydream View puts a really neat spin on Virtual Reality and is one of the best and easiest to use devices on the market. Another thing noticed while traveling with them is that they do pick up some crumbs and dust. Anything on the lenses is really magnified and distracting when you're trying to watch.

Sidenote - if you want a taste of what VR can offer and you don't have a phone that works with Daydream or you're not ready to spend $80, check out the inexpensive Google Cardboard headset. It also works with iPhone in a limited way. Check out a 360-degree video on YouTube.

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