Donations pour in for families of slain Dallas officers; charity pays off mortgages

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DALLAS -- A charity is paying off mortgages for the families of two of the officers killed in Dallas during a July massacre, and it's also helping out the other three families.

It's a Christmas gift that's incredibly bittersweet; a sense of relief in what's probably the hardest holiday season for the families of the five slain police officers in Dallas.

"And with this letter is the receipt of the full payment of your mortgage,” said John Hodge, COO of Tunnel 2 Towers.

KDAF reports that organizers with the Stephen Siller, Tunnel 2 Towers Foundation, knew they had to help the families after the July tragedy.

"Ultimately, we raised approximately $610,000 in five days in order to be able to assist these families. And the money poured in from all over the country and quite frankly all over the world," said Hodge.

That money went towards paying off the mortgages of Michael Smith and Brent Thompson.

"The girls and I would just like to thank everyone who made this possible for us to stay in our home that Michael worked so hard to provide for us," said Officer Smith’s widow, Heidi.

"I do want to thank everybody who helped with this, it is amazing, and wonderful and I can't say thank you enough and express my gratitude enough," said Officer Thompson’s widow, Emily.

They're also working with Officer Patricio Zamarippa's family to find housing and are giving $100,000 dollars each to the families of Lorne Aherns and Michael Krol.

"People were so upset and so moved by the heroism of these police officers and the sacrifice the families would be making that they wanted to assist us," said Hodge.

KDFW reports that the families received $10 million altogether on Tuesday.