Suddenly shut down hoverboard company leaves metro mom scrambling for refund

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Missouri woman is fighting for a refund after a Hoverboard distributor she ordered a present from suddenly shut down.

It turns out that she's not alone.

“If you need any further instruction, leave a message and customer service will call you back as soon as possible.”

It's a message that Bobbi Stevens has been listening to for a week, and no one has ever called her back.

Stevens is trying to get her money back from She ordered one of the boards for her daughter's Natalie's 11th birthday.

“She said it was the only thing she wanted for her birthday and Christmas,” Stevens said.

She placed the order December 6th, paying $199 on her prepaid card. The very next week, the company agreed to stop selling the board after the Federal Consumer Product Safety Commission pointed out it wasn't in compliance with industry standards. The boards are a potential fire hazard.

Stevens got an email from the company saying it was "ceasing all operations." But to get a refund she would need to contact her credit card company. So she contacted Green Dot, the prepaid cards you buy at Walmart.

“When I called the credit card company they said that because it was prepaid the payment had already posted, and there was nothing they could do about it. I would have to contact Hoverboard.

But Hoverboard has not returned her phone calls or her emails. That's when she called FOX 4 Problem Solvers.

A check of the internet shows Stevens isn't the only one having difficulty getting a refund from Hoverboarder, so we turned our attention to the Green Dot card.

Even prepaid cards like it offer some protections. In fact, according to this Green Dot cardholder agreement it offers many of the same protections a credit card does when there is a fraudulent charge, including provisional credit while they  investigate your claim.

So we called Green Dot card, and when the guy at the other end said he couldn't help us, we asked for a manager.

That's when we were told about a dispute resolution form. That's something Stevens says she was never told about even though she's contacted the Green Dot card multiple times for help.

After Stevens filled out the form, Green Dot, should have provided her with provisional credit within 10 day while it investigated her dispute. Just to make sure, FOX 4 contacted Green Dot's corporate office, which is now also looking into her dispute.

That's good news, because Stevens could definitely use the money. When the first Hoverboard she ordered didn't arrive, she spent another $200 buying her a daughter a second Hoverboard; this time from a company in town.

If you've also bought a Hoverboard, check here to make sure that it meets safety standards.

If you’re having trouble getting refunds with prepaid cards, click on this link.