Superheroes shop for kids at Children’s Mercy Hospital

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Superhero Santas armed with cash filled shopping carts full of toys for children who won't be able to spend Christmas at home. The superheroes hoped to bring a smile to some kid's faces by bringing Christmas to them - in the hospital.

“They don`t have to concentrate on being sick, they can concentrate on being normal, and not going through anything hard, they can be like any other kid, just having a regular Christmas,” said 11-year-old Eden Brooks.

Eden was diagnosed with cancer at age 9, and had to go through chemo. While she`s in remission now, she and her mom remember vividly what it meant to have visitors and get gifts.

“You do try to bring them things to keep their mind off of it, and keep them distracted, and try to help them forget where they have to be at such a great time of year that`s usually spent with family,” said Reina Brooks, Eden’s mom.

They were at Target Tuesday night, helping superheroes shop for kids at Children's Mercy Hospital, as they know all too well how it feels to be stuck in the hospital.

“It may not even be the simple fact that you can`t be at home, it`s oh my gosh, I`ve been sitting bedside with my child for 36 hours straight, and it`s Christmas morning, or it`s Christmas eve, and I haven`t thought about going out to get something,” added Reina.

So volunteers dressed up and shopped so kids can enjoy the holidays in the best way they can.

“It makes them feel special, because they`re remembered, even when they`re going through something tough,” Reina said.

They raised $4,500 to buy toys, along with two vans filled with donated toys.

They're bringing them to the hospital tomorrow, so families can shop over the weekend.

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