Metro residents raise concern over spotty mail service

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MISSION, Kan. -- We all know that this is a major time of the year to send and receive mail, but people in Mission have been having a little problem. Many folks have been finding their mail boxes empty for days. The mail has not been delivered.

Sherre Foreman lives in Mission, Kan. and she said her mail service began declining about a year and a half ago, and recently has gone from bad to worse.

"I didn't get mail Saturday and we didn't get mail Monday," Foreman said. "And it's Christmas and we are getting a lot of cards and letters."

"I have spent hours and hours on the phone trying to reach someone at the postal service, I have gone down there, so it is labor intensive."

This woman who does not want us to use her name lives in Prairie Village, in a different zip code than Foreman. She is experiencing the same types of issues and wants her good mail service restored.

"It is just very intermittent now, I don't have any important mail sent to this house anymore, I have it sent to my office," she said.

FOX 4 contacted the USPS, and had a similar experience as these mail customers.

"I could never break through the hierarchy or the system to find out who was in charge."

The USPS refused to make a local representative available for an interview in person or on the phone, instead only replying by email.

Peter Nowacki, with the USPS in Minneapolis wrote that "the recent issue was related to safety... in the aftermath of the recent snow and ice storm."

Nowacki said they are fully caught up and apologized for the delays.

"I would just like for the mail to be delivered Monday thru Saturday on a regular basis."

Regardless of other problems the Postal Service is having, the USPS asks that you keep the area around your mailbox clear of ice and show and that will better help your mail carrier be able to deliver mail on time.

If you are still having problems, you can find contact information at the USPS website.

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