Parade of princesses welcome 2-year-old girl to her forever family in Johnson County

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OLATHE, Kan. -- A fairy tale moment came to an Olathe courtroom on Wednesday.

One family from Johnson County received a special Christmas gift; a new adopted daughter. The adoption process, which can be long and taxing, ended happily ever after.

Two-year old Meah Feltz received more than toys for Christmas. Two years of wading through the adoption process ended on Wednesday, just four days before Christmas. Overland Park's Nicole Feltz and her husband Tyler say their wait is over.

They've been Meah's foster parents for nearly two years. When they first took custody of Meah, they say she was a sick 6-month old baby, coming from a home in Wyandotte County. Nicole knows the kindness of adoption well, having been a foster child herself.

“It's amazing to have it come right before Christmas. She's a blessing to us. While we're very excited and joyful, we also know it's a heartbreak for someone else,” Nicole Feltz told FOX 4 News.

“(Meah) came into our care in March 2015 and it's been the only home she's known,” Tyler Feltz said. “Other children aren't quite so fortunate. They often go from foster home to foster home.”

The Feltz family had company in that sixth floor courtroom. Shrieks of joy poured from those chambers, as a series of fairy princesses entered the courtroom. Friends of the Feltzs dressed as princesses from the movies, welcoming Meah to her forever family.

“We just wanted to welcome this day and make it as happy and magical as we could,” Nicole Feltz said.

Honorable Kathleen Sloan, Kansas 10th District, doesn't often host fairy princesses in her chambers. She's also not accustomed to sharing moments of joy.

“She has a forever home now. And so, this is just a wonderful family. It was a pleasure to read everything about them and finalize it today. This was a very special day,” Judge Sloan told reporters.

“We're excited to make a home for her and love her,” Nicole Feltz said.

The Feltz family already has one daughter, 12-year-old Grace. It's estimated that over 100,000 American kids are awaiting adoption. A group called "Adopt Kansas City's Kids" says several hundred of them live here in the metro.

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