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Blue Springs man fights off ‘mad man’ who broke into his home

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BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. -- "I don't go to work until 10 or so, so I was just getting a couple of more hours of sleep. About an hour later, my dog, Amigo, just kept on barking and when I woke up there he was, inside our house," recalled Nathan Struewe.

Struewe's talking about the man, investigators say bright and early Thursday morning, was at the center of a massive manhunt after pulling a gun on several officers and then taking off in a stolen truck.

Nathan Struewe says the same man broke into his family's garage, creeped up some stairs and gave him the scare of his life.

"I barely made it to the hallway and he's there! I screamed what are you doing? Get out of here! He was already back there in the hallway and yells don't move, don't move! I'm like okay. I won't do nothing. I was pretty scared, " says Nathan who was home alone.

"My parents had just left. He didn't pull out a gun. He just said that he had one in his waistband. I never saw a gun," added Nathan.

Nathan told FOX 4's Robert Townsend the desperate stranger wanted a car.

"Yeah, he just said to me, I'm looking for a ride. Man, I need a ride," remembers Nathan, who just wanted the stranger out of his home.

"I grabbed the car key and gave it to him. I immediately punched him in the face. I pushed him into the closet door. My closet door broke. He's leaning there. I kept punching him. I could see a big cut on my hand," says Nathan.

Despite suffering a slight cut on his right hand, Nathan and the intruder kept on fighting.

"The fight then went to the living room. The lamp on our table shattered. He grabbed me, knocked me to the floor and then tried to strangle me 10 or 20 seconds," said Nathan.

Fearing for his life, the 23-year-old, Blue Springs man hung in there. Strangely enough, Nathan says before the struggling and tussling spilled over to his family's kitchen, he couldn't believe what the bold intruder did next.

"Man it was so strange. We all of a sudden just stopped fighting and he asked me for a cup of water. I couldn't believe it, but I grabbed a cup from the counter and didn't fill it up all the way and gave him some water. I used that to distract him and then that's when I grabbed a butcher knife and just kept swinging it at him. I said I don't want to kill you or anything, so you just need to leave now!" screamed Nathan.

Nathan's nightmare wasn't over yet.

"Man this guy was so mad. He just wouldn't get out of here, but after I nipped him across his head, he finally gave me back my cell phone and left in my parents' car. I was scared at times, but I'm just thankful it ended when it did and I am okay," said Nathan.

"Oh my God. My wife and I were at work when he called us after calling 911. I never could have imagined my son would go through that, in our own home. We're lucky we still have him. We're lucky. He did good," said Nathan's father, Nelson Struewe, as he choked back tears.

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