Police and family still searching for answers two years after Belton man was shot to death

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BELTON, Mo. -- “I`ve been afraid from the get go that they might give up pretty quickly, since there really haven`t been a lot of leads,” said Jenny Donaldson.

It`s the second anniversary of Chad Donaldson’s death. He was shot and killed in Belton, three days before Christmas. Police and his family are still left without answers.

“I`ve been feeling pretty sad and empty, as times gone by, I can`t really say that it`s become any easier,” said mom Jenny Donaldson.

Her 36-year-old son was last seen at QuikTrip at 58 Highway and Interstate 49 in Belton around 10:30 pm on December 21, 2014.

Officers were then called to the area of Springdale Drive on reports of a shooting - that`s where Donaldson was found.

“A little bit of you dies inside when you lose a child,” she said.

Donaldson passed away after a lengthy surgery. Two years to this day, police have not stopped investigating.

“I`m thrilled that they`re following up, and I just pray every day that they will find the killer,” Jenny Donaldson said.

“We get tips probably every couple weeks, something will come in, some of it is information we`ve already obtained, some of it`s new, a different name, we look into it,” said Lieutenant Brad Swanson, with the Belton Police Department.

Lt. Swanson says every two or three months detectives go out and revisit with people to see if anything new has resurfaced.

“We feel fairly strongly that the person who did this, probably told somebody or there might have been more than one person there,” added Swanson.

Police and Donaldson`s family still don`t have any answers as to who did this, or why.

“It`s hard to even want to celebrate Christmas at all, I know that Chad would want us to go on, and continue to enjoy Christmas, but it was only three days before Christmas when it happened, and his birthday is two weeks after that, and again, it just kind of compounds sadness on top of sadness,” said Jenny Donaldson.

“Finding the person wouldn`t bring him back, but that would at least take one layer of this sorrow away, just to know that person isn`t still walking the streets and enjoying their life, when they took my son`s life, and kind of took my life too.”

If you have any information you can remain anonymous, call the TIPS Hotline at (816) 474-TIPS, or Belton police.

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